Physiotherapy, round 2.

I’ve just returned home from my Doctors appointment that reviewed different paths to go down to help me with my arthritis. It seems finally, this process has begun. But will it work, or will have the same result as last time?

About 4/5 years ago I was sent to begin a course of Physiotherapy sessions to help with my Osgood Shclatters Disease along side my newly developing Juvenile Arthritis. However, after less than a month of treatments the exercises were actually making my legs worse and causing more damage. Basically due to my growth-spurt my skeleton was growing but my muscles were not growing as quickly, making them too short for my bones. This, plus attempting to stretch them out resulted in several torn ligaments and muscles, meaning I had to take time off from physiotherapy to recover. Finally, once the recovery period was over I would return back to my therapy and the vicious cycle would begin again.
The doctor and I decided that it was not the best method of treatment at the time and it was suspended on the basis that I would do my own exercises at home in my own pace, combined with swimming (occasionally) and come in for a review every couple of months.

Looking after both their bodies and souls

Now, 5 years on and after a rapid acceleration in my condition and confirmation of rheumatoid Arthritis, my Doctor has decided that I need proper leg support braces. But, in order to see just how bad things are I have been appointed more Physiotherapy sessions in order for them to report my condition. Once this is complete I will then be sent to an Occupational Therapist where they will base their decision off the Doctors Medical Opinion and the results collected from the Physiotherapist. They will conclude by deciding what is the best course of action for myself and then voilà, the road to a more comfortable relationship with my own legs!

But what do I think about this?

I mean, do I really want to go through Physiotherapy again, after everything that happened last time? Well, Yes is the answer. Sure it didn’t work out the best last time but that doesn’t mean its the wrong treatment. Plus my condition is a lot different to what it was 5 years ago therefore it doesnt mean it’s going to be the same exercises or anything. Yea, I am nervous but it’s a good kind or nervous I think. And, after my new-found motivation from the Paralympics advert I have a feeling that this time around “Yes I can” and it’s going to help.

So stick around and keep your eyes peeled for once I start I will be giving short reviews of how each of my sessions are going and just an update into my condition! Thanks for reading and take a look at the links attached in my blog post!


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