Infectiously Fantastic or Subjective and Demonizing?

The new advert for the Paralympics in Rio this year was released on TV and I seen it for the first time earlier this week. After doing a bit of digging into what the media and people online had to say about this advert, it has come up with mixed reviews.

Below is the video of the Advert as presented on TV.

My reaction and views on it.

I thought it was fantastic,it portrays a wonderful message and it’s quirky! I feel like it targets all age groups and audiences well, doesn’t prettify disability and  gives viewers a wider insight into the range of disabilities & sporting activities that are present in the Paralympics and life in general. Not only this, but it’s wonderful portrayal of children with disabilities, I personally believe was an excellent addition to the advert as it allows younger people to understand disability more, as well as giving young people a greater insight into life and a motivation boost too.

I get an overwhelming rush of joy every time I hear that fantastic music being played and also a sense of Pride. Pride in the fact that the messages they are showing are so inspirational and can change someones life, or just makes someones day through the same feeling of joy I get. It is simple in its message of ‘Yes I can‘ showing that anyone can do anything if they just put their mind to it, nothing is impossible and if people say it is impossible or put you down, prove them wrong

I am truly touched by this advert and it really opened my eyes to the fact to how self-centered I have been about my illness and to those around me recently. But no more, I have tapped into a new-found fondness towards my illnesses and a willingness to prove myself and the Doctors wrong about potentially needing a wheel chair in the next few years. 

However, not everyone has shared in my enthusiasm of this advert, in fact in the week that this advert has been published, many different negative reviews have also came out too. 

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I have seen several articles on the media that pin point specific areas of the advert and explain their views on how it is actually portrayed, however I have picked one to focus on as I liked the ideas and viewpoints the author raised.

For example, the author raises the very real issue of how disabled people are being treated in reality, more subhuman than superhuman. Stating that in the past year “prosecutions for hate crimes against disabled people soared by 41.3 per cent from 2015-2016“.

This author also states that the problem emerges when Dan Brooke, chief marketing and communications officer at Channel 4 states that this adverts applies to all disabled people and not just the athletes. From here, she leaves us with a very realistic point to be considered.
She states that even though the catch praises “Yes I Can” and “Were Superheroes” can inspire motivation and hope into other disabled individuals, “For many people, having a disability is actually, well, debilitating.
Which is right, for some disabled individuals it’s not as simple as “Yes I can”. She ends with a final message of “maybe you canand certainly lots of others can toobut remember, there are plenty of people who, quite simply, cannot.

I will leave this post here and allow you to process everything that has been said. I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on what they think of my blog and the advert discussed. If you wish to read the articles from both sides of this arguments then please, view below.

I News

Ad Week


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