Flash Friday on a Monday?

Okay, this is just going to be a short and sweet blog post to fill you guys in one whats been going on with my blog

Basically, I either write my blogs on the day they or due or I write them a few days before and schedule them in for the specific day. However these past few days I have been having some problems.. I have been writing them in advance due to working full time and scheduling them in for the specific day. Using this Friday as an example, I wrote it on Wednesday and set it to publish on Friday Afternoon.. now according to my admin part of WordPress it had went on fine, however if I tried to view my profile it was not appearing until days later, like Monday!

Anyone of my fellow WordPress Bloggers know what this could be and how to fix it? Or should I just stick to writing and publishing them on the day they are due?

Finally, I just want to apologize for my blogs appearing to be coming up late and I hope it will be back to normal soon! 

Blog you later »


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