Greta, Blogger of the Week.

This weeks wonderful winner is Greta, the owner of ATG Successful Living ! But not only that, she is the inspiration behind me doing #Thoughtful Thursdays aka Blog or Blogger of the Week so double WOOOOW! 

Greta’s page is jam-packed with so many interesting articles I don’t even know where to begin! Her blog covers a vast range of topics including personal development (careers, wealth & spirituality), fashion, beauty, health, sports, travel, wealth, relationships and so much more. Luckily for us, she blogs frequently so there is always something new to read on her page, as well as her amazing guest blogger’s who post through her blog too. 

To get a feel for the page watch this short clip or visit by clicking here

A bit about Greta. thu

Greta graduated with a Honors degree in Internal Audit and has experienced many different career paths in her life so far, allowing her to use all of this experience she has obtained into creating her own brand.

This brand was also based off her deep inclination and desire to inspire and connect with others and from this motivation, her fantastic website was created! 

With this Blogger title under her belt, Greta is also a freelancer, a Co-Founder of a Hip Hop company and enjoys travelling, researching & extending her knowledge and writing. 

I mean seriously? is there anything that this fantastic woman doesn’t do?! I am truly a fan of her and her wonderful blog, it’s easy to read and truly enjoyable! Please take a read by clicking here!

Thanks again for reading and if you would like to suggest your favorite blogger or yourself to be the next Blogger of the Week then please, comment their name and site below!


Blog you later »



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