Tips to finding a job after Graduating.

Well you’ve done it, College/University is finished and after a few hard years of studying you have finally came out with a qualification in your dream subject area.. All you need to do now is find a job! At times, it’s not easy that’s for sure, but here are some top tips to help you get on the right path.

  • Save up your pennies
    I know it sounds stupid but while you’re still in education and on the hunt for yourgg graduate job already, what harm will getting a few pennies in to keep you going for now? Walk around your town and hand out your CV, it makes an impression when potential employers get to see your face and get a feel for the kind of person you are. Plus, it’s all experience and you never know what might come from it, another potential connection which could lead you to bigger and better things!
  • Job Site Spam!
    We all know that you can never just look at one job search website, you look at several, so why not sign up to them all! Upload your CV, tick a few boxes indicating what you are looking for, easy. The site will email you with suggested jobs for you or an employer will see your CV and contact you directly!

    You can never have enough connections, whether it’s through a family friend, ex-college or through placements or your education. There is no harm in asking people if they know someone they can connect you with, asking for a helping hand in experience or employment itself. And what better way to stay connected is there than Social Media?
  • Take control of Social Media
    There are so many different forms of Social Media out there, all specializing in different things but one thing they all have in common is about being social – aka people posting job or asking for jobs. Whether you hashtag it or come right out on your profile and ask,  finding pages dedicated to advertising jobs and recruiting or messaging people directly asking for availability. Or, get a LinkedIn account and begin your professional profile to help boost your own skills, get connected again and help you find an employer.  All Social Media is good for advertising, just do it right and get yourself out there! fishing
  • Bigger isn’t always Better!
    I know for me, when first looking for a job you’d see the big company names and think “Wow, I’ll apply to them” and you begin picturing yourself working for the BBC or Google. But it’s not always ‘the bigger the better’ and you can potentially ignore the little guys who may have exactly what you want. Moreover, the smaller companies might allow you to progress up the ranks quicker than what a larger company would do. 
  • The first isn’t always ‘The One’, but don’t give up.. 
    Many people, including myself will hope to find the first job search or actual job to be ‘the one’, aka the one that you are going to be in for the rest of you life and love forever. No. Probably not the case, you will probably sit there looking for days and when you get it, it could just be a job that is a stepping stone to another and another and another… But don’t give up. Just because it’s not going to be the first it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. It can again be seen as working up the ranks again. 

So there you have it,make sure that you not only take control of the internet and keep your CV up to date but you also get yourself out there. Showing your face and making connections is the best way to make a lasting impression as it allows people to get a feel for the real you and not just a flat, hard copy of you that they have read online. 

Happy hunting!


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