Calliemm, Blogger of the Week.

After finding out it was Sarcoma Awareness Month this July, I decided to dedicate my Monday Blog to raising awareness on this, in a more factual sense. Before I did this however, I decided to do some research into it on a more personal level and found several Amazing Bloggers who spoke about it as either sufferers or those supporting a sufferer.

From this I was truly inspired and one Blogger struck me amazed the most, my blogger of the week, Calliemm.

A bit about Calliemm.

Callie, who started her blogging adventure this March, is a fellow blogger, Wife, Mother and qualified Reiki practitioner & daily mind  – body practice advocate. As a fellow Gemini, she too has multiple personalities in the sense that she cannot settle on one thing. Plus, she loves writing, so the combination of the two means that she blogs about several different subjects. 

She covers topics such as life, love and well-being from a personal perspective. All amazing topics, however she also talks about the “cancer roller coaster that is my husband’s diagnosis and ongoing treatment . More specifically, a rare cancer that is his Pleomorphic Sarcoma Cancer

Though only starting this blog earlier this year, she includes diary entries and information from the previous year of her Husband’s diagnosis to help build a picture of what it was like at the time, along with helping educate readers of the general situations & processes her family had to go through. 

There is so much to say about this wonderful Woman, her family and her blog but it’s much better to see it for yourself. So please, click here to visit Callie’s Blog and take a read to understand Sarcoma better & to just generally enjoy what she has to say about Life.


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2 thoughts on “Calliemm, Blogger of the Week.

  1. Thank you so much Jodie for your kind words and for sharing my family’s story. What I am enjoying most about blogging with WP is the wonderful, supportive community I have found myself apart of.
    I am very glad to have met You.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are more than welcome! I am happy to share your storey, it is worth sharing!! And I k ow exactly what you mean, I have reviewed so much support and feel so glad to have met such a wonderful group of people, including yourself 🙂


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