Did I benefit from going to University?

Since finishing University I have been thinking quite a lot about further education in a general sense and primarily, if it is all worth it in the end. There are arguments from both side of course, giving me conflicting views but after really thinking about it, I have my answer. But before I get to that, I am going to talk through some of the arguments I have for each side of the statement. 

Now obviously you get all the ‘extra‘ benefits of course, which include:

  • Rear-view-of-group-of-friends-huggingYou make friends for life and get to meet people from all over the world.
  • You always end up dabbling in a new language (meaning you tend to only learn the bad words, but hey-ho)
  • Travelling.
  • The independence & more relaxed education system (with regards to timetables/free time).
  • Gain a lot of life experience in all senses.

But with regards to actually going a degree the benefits are:

  • A lot of support and connections to placements / work experience.
  • You get prepared for the working world.
  • Lots of opportunities to make yourself stand out (i.e. extra curricular activities).
  • You begin to develop you own professional understanding and your own ‘flare’ on things. 
  • (The obvious one) You get taught in the subject you want to pursue as a career, giving you more knowledge and understanding of what it is you’re actually going into. 

So yea, University is pretty great. It prepares you for the working world and you gain vast knowledge in your area of study, make connections, develop a professional profile and once you come out of University, you’re able to use all of these to get into your career. Or, if you’re lucky enough, a previous work placement may take you on as an employee if you impressed them.

lalaBut is it really needed? Does doing further education actually benefit you anymore? Does it get you on the direct route to where you want to be? I can think of a few very good examples that would argue No.

Example 1 – my partners Mom. She dropped out of school at 15/16 and worked in a local supermarket in the clothing section. Through commitment and dedication to do her best in her role she was promoted and promoted, changed companies a few times, promoted some more and now she is the National Account Manager for one of the largest businesses in the UK.

Examples 2 – my own Uncle. Finished High School and worked in a Car Garage (I think he done mechanics) and through determination, hard work and connections, he has worked his way up to the top of the job role chain.  

Example 3 – my partners Dad. Now this example just shows that a degree doesn’t really mean anything at times. He got a Geology Degree from the University of Oxford yet upon finishing University, did not go into this field of work. In fact, he went into an Office job and worked his way up from there.

All three of these examples prove that it’s not all about the degree, although that’s what everyone makes it out to be. Of course, degrees are important for specific fields of work  such as Doctors etc. but for other jobs like in the business Sector, whether that is retail work, office work or what ever, it can all just come down to dedication, connects and luck.

I’m dead against the idea of if you don’t go to University you wouldn’t get anywhere in life! RUBBISH! At the end of the day you work hard to get where you want. Whether that is through further education or working your way up the ranks, it’s all just about determination. Plus, when it comes to it your degree is just a bit of paper. With my Partner’s Dad he got his job for having a degree. Not for having one in the field of work he was applying for but just for having a degree. So how does that work? 


To sum up my O.T.T argument I truly believe that you don’t necessarily need a degree (with exceptions) to get your dream job. But University is a great experience in itself with regards to all of the extras involved. I loved my time at University and plan on doing a Masters in order to specialise in a specific area of business. I don’t need to do this because I already have my dream job but I want to. 

Hope you have enjoyed my rambling rant. If you have any comments or questions about further education please, comment below or contact me directly, click here to view how to contact me. 


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