Launch of the blog update!

Well it’s finally July 1st which means the launch of my blog updates and new schedule starts today! So this post is going to give you a quick reminder of what to expect from now on, on It’s Yet Another Blogger.

So to start with, as you will see as of tomorrow (due to me still being in America and not having access to a computer), the blog page will have had a little makeover and touch up to help just brighten things up a bit. Also, rather than just blogging a couple of times a week I plan on blogging everyday apart from Tuesdays, where I will have a guest blogger appearance.  Let me give you a break down of what to expect each day:

Screenshot 2016-07-02 22.10.05

Monday’s will consist of me raising awareness for a different charity or about a different illness/issue each week. It’ll be informative and link to which ever topic I covers personal page to allow you guys to get more information. 

Tuesday’s will be my guest blogger appearance. Now this will either consist of Annabel, Linus or one of you! If you are interested in appearing as a guest blogger, please contact me!

Wednesday’s will be my Living With series continued. Featuring my personal development and general information regarding the illnesses I suffer from.

Thursday’s will go one of two ways; it could either be another guest appearance or it will be another blogger’s post which I found interesting. I will share their work, link to their blog and give you a quick introduction to them.

Friday will be a topic of the week. Whether this is something happening in the news recently, something trending or just a general topic I fancy talking about, who knows! If you have a suggested topic for me to cover then again, please contact me!

Saturday, as stated above will just be my week in pictures. It probably wont be very wordy, but could have a couple of sentences to explain what’s been going on over the week.

Finally, Sunday. This will be talking about my university life, top tips, personal experience etc. BUT due to it now being summer and Uni being finished it may also focus more on my current job and post-uni experiences.

Well there you go. That is what to expect from now on, I hope you look forward and enjoy what is to come.


Blog you later »



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