My 21st in pictures.

What better way to explain how amazing my birthday was than to show you? So here is my birthday celebrations over a few days, featuring all of the amazing places I went, things I done and seem.


Day 1 – Pre Birthday Day.

Myself, partner and his parent’s all went around some of the coastal towns to visit some of the markets, beaches and have some proper smoked fish pater, and of course fish and chips! Ft. Craster, Walkworth and Amble.

Day 2 – My Birthday.

First thing we did was headed into town for a bite to eat and a wander around. We had a spot of lunch at a cat cafe, before grabbing a wonderful drink in a milkshake parlour… and get some interesting selfies on snapchat.

This was then followed by opening my gifts! I got spoiled rotten, I couldn’t believe it. I still cannot! So many amazing gifts including a Marvel Monopoly Board! I may finally enjoy playing the game now.

From here we headed up to a local air museum where I popped my champagne in front of a Vulcan Bomber, got some fantastic picture of the other planes/helicopters and watched a little plane take off while we drank my champagne under the wing of the Vulcan Bomber before, finally heading out for dinner.



Day 3 – Post Birthday Celebrations.

Well if that didn’t tire me out this certainly did. Headed down to a zoo and theme park with some family where we spent the day going on as many rides as possible and seeing all of the fantastic animals in the zoo! Was truly awesome!

There you have it, my birthday celebrations in pictures. I am still trying to get my energy back from all of this travelling but I had a truly fantastic time. My gifts have all been put away now (put away also includes eating an entire box of chocolates) and my dresser now looks so lovely with a few select gifts to decorate it.


Hope you have enjoyed seeing my birthday celebration photos, keep your eyes peeled for my next post on being reunited with my friends!


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