It’s the Final Countdown!

Hello readers!

This is it! It’s my final week living in France as a university student.. where have the past nine months gone?!?!

An exact week from now I’ll have landed back in Blighty to resume life as a final year student to complete my degree and between you and me, I’m a little apprehensive about it. This post will just be a means for me to vent all my feelings and hopefully provide a little clarity upon reflection of the past academic year’s events.

I’ll start by saying how conflicted I feel about leaving Caen after nine months of living here. It’s safe to say I’ve met some incredible people from all walks of life from countries across the globe, and I never expected to feel so honoured to have crossed paths with so many amazing individuals.


I’m not a big believer in fate or destiny but it’s almost guaranteed that I would never have met these wonderful beings had I not gone abroad this year. The fact that some of my closest friends this year had travelled halfway across the planet to get to France (from the USA and Australia) has inspired me to look further than Europe in the quest for adventures. Nine months in a foreign country is a long time, and even though I’ll be leaving these new friends behind I do feel content knowing that all the comforts of home are waiting for me across the English Channel.

The feeling of nostalgia is hard to ignore, for I remember my first fortnight in France and hating it, not knowing the language or how to deal with culture shock. But if I could go back and visit myself from nine months earlier and tell that version of Linus that ‘it doesn’t just get better, it’ll change your life’ then I would. It’s hard to feel that I haven’t wasted my time abroad. Even after all of the things I’ve done this year and the places I’ve seen, it never feels enough. Travelling is addictive and each new adventure provides a new high greater than the last and it would seem that my unrelenting thirst for discovering new places and meeting people is far from being quenched.

With each departure from a new friend as they return home, my bucket list seems to constantly grow and reshape itself. There doesn’t feel to be enough time left in the world to see all these new places, to visit the homelands of my new friends and live life as they know it in their world (although I’ll give it my best shot to do so). Britain is a series of islands with the rest of the globe fanning out from every corner of it and upon the reflection of this year, I know my life adventures are only just beginning.

I don’t say goodbye to the people I’ve met here, rather, see you soon, because I know that one day I’ll find them again and with any luck it’ll be as if no time has passed. Someone once asked me where my favourite place in the world is, and after a small moment I realised that I don’t have one, but if I did it would be on the move, seeking adventures and people to share them with.


Until next time…


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