New Medication and Pilates?

As you may be aware, I recently went to the doctors to get my Arthritis and other musculoskeletal illnesses checked out for I was having severe pain going from my lower back right down to my ankles. After several blood tests and my appointment today I can reveal what has been said.

First things first, I have been getting monitored for the past 2 years with issues regarding connective tissue damage. I am happy to say that after several tests etc. it is not the case and something I do not have to worry as much about. I will still get my bloods monitored twice a year just as a precaution but I am very happy about the results!

To sum up what the doctor has said to me I have very mixed feelings towards it. Basically in my first appointment I told him how the style of pain has changed from a deep achy sensation to a more dramatic sharp/shooting sensation that gets more and more intense. He recommended new medication for me which I have been on for 2 weeks now and though it is early days yet, I can notice a slight difference. 

OLD MEDICATION.                                                NEW MEDICATION. 


So I have swapped out Tramadol for Nefopam and Ibuprofen for Naproxen. Though it is not doing too badly at the moment my doctor and I plan on reintroducing Tramadol into the system and taking both Nefopam and Tramadol along side each other to help with the pain. 

After the medication was sorted and the blood review was done all the loose ends were almost tide up, I was told to continue with my physio, join a Pilates class and get an exercise ball.. this is where I began to question his theory.

He believes that the use of the combination of the exercise ball at home and regular Pilates classes will help increase my core and balance, along side strengthening my muscles around my troublesome joints. Here, I do not believe his judgement is wrong what so ever.. for a none sufferer, but I feel that this is going to have a negative affect on me rather than a positive. I mean, I struggle enough with physio as it is


So my tasks to try at home are to:
• Balance on one leg (alternate legs) when brushing my teeth/washing dishes etc. in order to help with core balance and strengthening muscles in my hip/back/knees. 
Buy an exercise ball on sit on it while watching TV/having dinner or performing sitting down tasks. When sitting down try to lift my feet from the floor and balance. Do this in order to again strengthen core, straighten out spin and become more balanced.

Task outside of home are to:

• Join a Pilates group and begin working on my core and muscle building strength in a controlled environment.
• If ever stood still, balance on one leg (alternate legs) or sat for a period of time, sit up straight to alight spin.


So there you have it, new medication and new exercises along side physio. Not sure what to make of it yet but if it’s going to help, may as well give it a go. If any of my Spoonie friends or followers have any comments, suggestions or opinions regarding these new exercises I would love to hear them in order to get a better idea of what I am in for.

Thanks for reading and advising me through these changes.


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15 thoughts on “New Medication and Pilates?

  1. I’ll just mention that it’s important to drink a lot of water, especially with medications. And it seems like water therapy would be a better choice for you, that is, if you have access to a pool. A pain management program is more than medications and exercises, so include other therapies, like music or meditation, or whatever distracts you from the pain. While medications and exercises are done on a schedule, distraction therapies should be done however and whenever you feel like it. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the feedback. Definitely going to have to give meditation and music therapy a go. Obvs listen to music any at but maybe listening to it in a different manner:different style of music will help! Thanks, I will let you know how these methods work out in the future.


  2. Interesting read! I have the same pain as you, and i could never get it in to words! I will have to take note of this and use with my surgeon next week! Do you have an answer for the pain out of interest? I’m constantly told “it’s just a flare”.

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    • Thanks and I glad you enjoyed the read. Answer for the pain? As in what is working best for me or answers from the doctors? Well for the pain, obvs the usual meds and eating well to keep my energy up and body working around the clock. I find swimming helps for its weightless however this is what the doctor says isn’t the best for me, I need to do something like Pilates and slowly use the muscle in a calm and controlled manner to build them up in strength to eventually help conquer some of the pain and maintain the damage being caused. I’m yet to give it a go but am fairly excited to see if it works out in the long term. As for the other aspect, last time I was fully investigated at hospital I was constantly told “it’s just due to the winter months and working a lot…you’re to young to have arthritis… It’ll pass/you’ll grow out of it”.. While load of rubbish but hey ho. Recently found out that these sort of illnesses run on my fathers side of the family so I suppose that is an answer in a way since it was originally only me who suffered from anything. Nice to know I wasn’t the broken child for no reason aha

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      • I keep getting told about my core strength too, and the exercises I have are not easy to do, i do them and can’t walk the following day, can never seem to get the right balance, or out of the never ending cycle! So have hey said that your pain is due to arthritis, or have they mentioned what else could be causing it? Only ask as its the same pain as I have and I wanted to see what they said to you, so I can see if it helps me argue with my GP!

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      • They have told me it’s due to my hyper mobility with a mix of arthritis yet with hyper mobility you’re meant to be super bendy and I am not.. So not sure that that is all about. Yea definitely give it a go with your GP but atm they are blaming it on hyper mobility for me

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  3. Swimming and cycling, and maybe some yoga? Crafting something easy to relax and distract from the pain. When I’m over this chest infection I’m cycling as I’m really unfit now. Oh, heat helps me too, like cushions, blankets, hot water bottles and a shiatzu cushion (heated and massages). I hope these things help.
    🐻 💚 👟

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    • Do you do yoga? If so how do you find it and do you think it will be okay for myself? I find swimming good but apparently it doesn’t help strengthen the right muscle group (according to my gp) and the same with cycling, plus with cycling I do enjoy it however the next day is very intense on my legs. Heat works well, may have to give these shiatzu cushions a go! Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

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      • Hi 🙂
        I do some stretching, just basic yoga. I used to exercise with men’s free weights in bodybuilding – I was very strong! Now I can barely lift food tins because of the nerve and soft tissue damage. I think you just need to cautiously test various exercises – and listen to what your body is telling you. Sometimes the medical ‘experts’ get it wrong.
        All the best 🐻 💚 🐢

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      • Thank you for sharing. Yea I used to be quite strong and very athletic but I am the same, basic lifting is a challenge. Thanks for the advice about toga/stretching, 100% agree wth you at the end aswell. Docs don’t know everything for they cannot feel the exact pain you are feeling. All the best to you too 😁🌵

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  4. Most types of exercises haven’t worked out for me – yoga, mild cardio, etc. – I find it takes too much out of me and my balance is altogether too poor for yoga/tai chi to work out. But I am finding aquatic exercises immensely helpful in a warm water therapy pool. It is not too rough on my joints and it is helping with core strength, balance, movement and tenacity in general.

    I try to use tramadol as a last resort pain management option, and have to make sure to stay extra-hydrated when I take it. My doctor seems to think there is the least chance of dependency that way if we can find a combination of non-opiods to keep the pain manageable for the most part. It was just a thought that occurred to me when I saw you got taken off regular tramadol use.

    I also use meditation as a relaxation/pain management technique somewhat effectively. It doesn’t work when things are too bad, but works to bring moderate pain down to moderate-to-low levels. If you would like to try some of that, I have an article which might help you get started >>

    Good luck and I hope you find some relief!! 🙂 ❤

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    • Wow thank for your comment, so informative. Yea the tramadol was meant to be a last resort for me too but the pain seemed to be very bad all of the time. I do think I will get back into my swimming again as, like you said it is working and takes away the pain slighting compared to other exercises. I recon I will be the same as you with regards to yoga etc. Thanks for the recommendation, I will take a look at your post and let you know how I get on 🙂

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      • I would recommend taking it easy as you start swimming. For me, stretching my arms/legs too much have been causing crazy shooting pains. So I have to make sure I make my movements very slow when I swim. If you can get a physical therapist to work with you in the pool, that might be the best. They can show you exercises to help your core too (unlike what you GP seems to think). And also help you do “graduated exercise” (I think that’s what it’s called) – where they start you off slow and gently take you up tiny notches at a time. 🙂 I wish you all the best! Take care!!

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      • Now that sounds like the best think for me! Swimming is all good and well but if I can do it while strengthening my core in the pool it will allow me (hopefully) to start on yoga / pilates with a little by easier ease. That is if I do t of course, may find yoga too much. Thanks so much for your comments 🙂

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