What’s the set back?

So it’s been a busy and eventful week but I feel I am no further forward. It’s been a week full of one step forwards and two steps back but I feel like now, the next few steps will keep me moving forwards.ddddd

So, enough of being vague let me fill you in on whats been happening. 

First of all, I was originally meant to be finishing my Equality and Diversity awareness game project for University this week but due to doctors appointments, work and another piece of University work (appearing out of no where) I had to put it on hold. Luckily for me, due to updates on the requirements for the work it is not due in for another fortnight yet, giving me plenty of time to perfect it. So I was so close to finishing University officially but now it looked like I have at-least another week of finishing work before I can relax and enjoy my summer of freedom… before starting my Masters Degree.  

My next issue is still my Dissertation professor. Though my dissertation is complete I am still in the process of filing a complaint about her lack of communication and cooperation thought the final two months. I emailed a complaint to the head of the department, aka her supervisor, who told me that this complaint would not be taken any further due to it not being a formal complaint. From there I was connected to the relevant department with my queries on leaving a formal complaint to then be given an 8 page booklet to fill in regarding the incident. So that is going to be a bundle of fun filling in, but not only that! If I want this to be ‘relevant’ with regards to my dissertation grade (which will be released this June), I need to ensure that the complaint is handed in this week to ensure it can be dealt with accordingly. So just another thing to add to my small but tedious list of deadlines

Moving away from University slightly I also mentioned that this Summer I would be revamping my blog with regards to scheduled blogging days and topics covered. Obviously due to the set backs mentioned above this has also been pushed back ever so slightly, along with the fact I have so many ideas I am not quite sure what to do with them all. They are all in a bit of a mess and some I am not that sure on too.  I am hoping to have my blog revamped and ready to rumble by July 1st.

Why that date?

Well this month is dedicated to completing University deadlines, the beginning of June I am visiting family and will be without a computer and toward the end of June I will be going on holiday, so it seems only right to start it at the beginning of a quieter month

So there you have it set backs, set backs, set backs last week but I am on track now to getting finished and up to date. If you have any suggestions on topics I can cover, please leave me a comment. So far I will continue with a student post based day and an awareness/invisible illness based day, along with further developing my guest blogger day(s), so any suggestions on topics you think I may be able to cover, let me know! 

Anyway, back to work for me, thanks for reading! 


Blog you later »


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