The waiting game.

For those of you who suffer/have suffered from any form of illness at all, you will know exactly what I am talking about here. The waiting game. The most tedious, nerve racking and stressful game of all. blog_main_search_marketing

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am currently being re-investigated for all of my joint issues but it is a slow processes due to me moving medical centers.  I had to wait for my files to be transferred over, allowing my new GP enough time to catch up with my situation to then book in all of the ‘normal‘ tests I need to go through before getting the results, meeting with my GP to see where things go from there. 

At the moment I have finally had my blood tests done, after a two week waiting list at the medical center. That was tedious enough as it is! I now have to wait a further week for my blood results to come back and I can go and see my GP in order to see what the results were and to decided what the next steps for me are. If I need to go back into hospital for further examinations then that  will take another few weeks before I actually hear back about an appointment. Then more tests which I will have to wait for results to then go in for a further appointment…

A long and painfully boring period of tests and waiting for results is what lies ahead for me. Like I said, the waiting game is no fun. But, on the plus side it is necessary and worth it in the end, to get results whether they are good or bad. It all becomes worth it at the end once you find out the issue and are able to go from there on how to act. 

I have been waiting for this re-investigation for so long now I am happy to wait a while longer if it means i get some more accurate and up to date answers

So there you have it, more waiting for the time being folks but once I know what’s happening you’ll sure hear about it! 


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