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Woke up to this beauty this morning, WOO! It’s Yet Another Blogger has made it to 50+ followers and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you to all of my amazing followers for making this happen, keeping me motivated and giving me tremendous amounts of support throughout!

When I first started blogging it was more of a pass-time/hobby I wanted to get into. I had a lot to say and I wanted to just put it all in one place, whether anyone looked at it or not. When my first few blog posts went up and I could physically see the number of people viewing my blog, I was overwhelmed! Knowing that other people were taking the time out to not only read what I had to say, but to comment and leave feedback for me, it was truly amazing. These people then followed and became regular visitors to my blog, inspiring me through their own feedback and blogs to expand my topics further, allowing me to attract a new audience too. 

I never thought I would get this many followers so thank you! All 51 of you are truly amazing, whether you are a new follower or have been there from the beginning I am truly grateful for each of you making this happen for me! I only hope that I can keep you all interested enough now to make you stay. 

Thanks for reading and making this a reality, next stop 100


Blog you later »


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