Trial and Error Summer.

urlWith this being my last week at University I realise that my Wednesday posts are going to be boring since I wont have my Uni work or placements to talk about. I still have a few things to hand in for Uni yet, so you will have that for the next fortnight however after that, well..

What are you going to do? 

Over the holidays and before I start my Master’s in September I will of course try to talk about certain business aspects that may come up or student-y things I feel like sharing. However, I feel that this may not take long to dry 

What I am also thinking of doing during this Summer break between academic years is using my Wednesday Business slot to focus on my Blog. I plan on to trial and error several different ideas I have for the future of the blog and putting then in play over Summer. If they work well, I will incorporate them into my weekly posts, if not I will try something else. I also plan on re-designing my blog and it’s subjects with again trial and error experiments so please, bare with me over Summer


Ideas so far?

Well so far the blog has:

  • Monday Musing with Annabel’, every other week.
  • ‘Living With..’ series every Tuesday.
  • ‘Business’ Wednesday’s.
  •  ‘#BritishBoyAbroad’ on Sunny Sunday’s with Linus, every other week. 


What I am planning:

  • More guest bloggers on the alternate days Monday & Sunday AND perhaps another day through the week.
  • Starting  new topical serie(s).
  • Competitions (i.e. writing, photography etc.)
  • Vlogging / Video chats


Like I say, these are just rough ideas and will be trialed over the Summer period. If you have any suggestions, ideas, topics or would be interested in taking part as a guest speaker/author etc. please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what you have to say and get your personal views. 



Blog you later »


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