A bit different to my usual Tuesday post but the same sort of topics are still being covered. Rather than writing about a specific illness I thought I would fill you in on what’s been happening to me this past week and what is to come! 


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Okay, so the last time I got properly investigated at Hospital was 2 years ago and since then it’s just been physiotherapy  blood tests and doctors appointments for my medication. Over these two years and since this all sorted about 5/6 years ago the pain has always been the same style of pain (so to speak), however just increased over the years. This didn’t really bother me, just go back and got stronger tablets to deal with it really. Recently however, this has changed.

For the past half a year I have noticed that the style of pain I am getting is different and my general abilities and functions are different compared to before. The pain used to be a deep, aching pain, swelling and stiffness (as if I was the tin man and needed oiling!) Everything would lock up, I would feel heavy and dense with the pain weighing me down. This was the same for all of my joints, with my knees being slightly more extreme than the rest of my body. But now, its all different. 

I get a lot more intense, shooting pains through my joints, mainly between my shins and hips. The pain will shoot up the front of my shin, circle around my knees, shoot up the sides and back of my thighs before heading up the sides of my hips and lower back. Before when it was stiff and heavy my legs now feel weak and fragile, as if at any moment they will snap like tooth picks. I still get the stiffness, the aching and dense pains, they are now just accompanied by these new ones.  My knees dislocate more often than not now and this obviously increases the intensity and frequency of the shooting pains I get. 

So today I finally go to the doctors for my appointment but of course, since I had re-registered (since I was now back home from University) my files hadn’t been transferred yet. What my doctors has done so far is change my pain medication to see if this helps with the new intensity of my pains & inflammations and booked me in for my routine bloods to see if anything new has popped up there. I return in a fortnight when my files have arrived and blood results are in to then discuss further what is going to happen. 

He also recommended doing Pilates or Yoga?! Which he believes will help my Hypermobility and back/hip pains but I’m not sure how well this will fit in with my physiotherapy along with my Arthritis. If you guys have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!!

Thanks for reading and I will keep you in the loop. Tomorrows post will be slightly different too and more to do with the blog than Business/University itself so make sure you keep an eye out for it.



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5 thoughts on “Reinvestigation.

  1. I get the sharp, shooting pains a lot in my legs too, but in the opposite “direction” if you will. I feel like they start at trigger points in my lower back and shoot down to my thighs and shins. My feet often end up feeling pins-and-needles. The same thing happens in my arms too but starts at the trigger points near my scapula. I had some nerve tests done, x-rays and MRIs done but it all came back clean. There was no actual damage to the nerves but I was feeling what I now call pseudo-neuropathy. Turns out it is actually quite common in fibromyalgiacs with the difference being that unlike full-fledged neuropathy, it is not constant but sort of comes and goes in waves. I hate that waaayy worse than the aching pain because I feel weak and tend to fall/drop things and it makes driving a serious pain!

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s nice to know that what I am experiencing is ‘normal’ to an extent. Like I said, 2 years ago I got tested for all sorts with MRI’s, x-rays, blood tests, isotope scans the lot and obviously got diagnosed with several illnesses however the pains I have (again as I mentioned) were never like this. It could just be my illnesses developing I suppose. It is a horrid kind of pain yes and more frustrating, i agree with you there! I just hope that when my files come back there is something that can confirm this is okay or confirms I need to be retested for things. Would hate for it to be something else and I didn’t get it checked out.

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