The Alan Gate

By Annabel Harvey



Last week, Alan Duncan, a former Tory minister, claimed that people who aren’t rich are ‘low achievers’.

Alan Duncan has been lucky to have a very financially privileged life since childhood. His comment was totally ignorant of the thousands of working class families who have never had the kind of opportunities he has.

I look at my own parents and see two strong, intelligent people, who have good jobs to be proud of- they might not earn a huge amount of money but they’re literally helping people to get by everyday. They’ve always helped me financially as much as they are able, but of course they have their own bills to pay. As I think about what to do when I leave university, there’s many fancy graduate jobs advertised in London. They look great- despite the fact they’re only willing to pay 18k (at best) and the cost of rent in London is much more than this not to mention food, bills and council tax. Unless you have rich parents who are willing to support you it’s not even an option. This is particularly dangerous within the journalism industry. If ONLY middle and upper class graduates are taking these jobs, right wing views are then circulating about the media, and newspapers tend to heavily affect which party people vote for. Yes, a company is there to make money- but, personally, I know that I’d rather normal working people be able to have a better standard of living than slaving away to make a rich person even richer. Perhaps we as a society have become more accepting of the government doing whatever they can to oppress the working classes since Thatcher was able to defeat the National Miners Union in the 1980’s.

As the Conservative party become more and more right wing, it makes you wonder what they’re going to get away with next. Critics of Jeremy Corbyn believe he is too far on the left. At what point does one become too far on the left?

Clement Attlee is perhaps the most left wing Prime Minister Britain ever saw, and he saved this country. Without him the NHS wouldn’t exist, nor would so many policies protecting normal working people. We need a leader like Corbyn to take Labour back to its routes, instead of just miserably plodding along accepting the consequences of Blair’s ‘New Labour’. The fact a war criminal lead the country for 10 years says a lot about what we believe is acceptable in this country.

Duncan is not the only Alan to be making strange statements as of late. Alan Sugar, a prominent Labour supporter, recently criticised the party, claiming ‘lunatics have truly taken over’. Who knows if Alan has been keeping up with the news lately, but a Prime Minister who has admitted making huge money off the back of his fathers offshore tax avoiding fund, not to mention the whole putting his genitals in the mouth of a dead animal thing, is what I would call true lunacy.


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