Thank goodness that’s over!

Apologies for being a day late, didn’t have access to a computer! Here is my Business update – My Dissertation is submitted

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A lot of student’s I know have been stressed, breaking down and pulling out their hair because of this deadline creeping up and the workload being a lot, but not me. The work load of the dissertation wasn’t so bad, got it done and finished, that was fine, I had made it through the dissertation without one breakdown! But do not be fooled, that was the easy bit done. All of my breakdowns saved themselves until the end.


So remember when I said all I had to do was get it checked over and submit my work? HA! Well thats when my life broke down. Here is a break down of everything that could have went wrong in one week:

Monday – Dissertation is complete ready to send off to be checked over but my professor isn’t in nor available on email. No problem, try again tomorrow.

Tuesday – Arrange a meeting with my professor to check everything over, she misses the meeting, cancels it and emails me at midnight apologising and says we will try again tomorrow for sure! Okay, no stress I will just make sure it gets sorted tomorrow!

Wednesday – She is late for the meeting again. Finally turns up and I load my dissertation up and she skims through it in 2 minutes saying “yep, mhmm, yes this looks fine.” 
Woman. I know it may look fine but tell me if I have done it right or not! That’s your job!! 

I email the work to her later asking her to check it properly and meet up tomorrow or Friday to get it sorted, but oh. Wait. The final two days before hand in on Monday she isn’t going to be in University! AAAAAAHHHH. But it’s okay, she is available on email. 

Thursday – Emails her. No reply. Two hours later emails her again. No reply. Two hours later emails her again. No reply still. Two hours later emails her one final time. Still. No. Reply.
I hate my life. Starting to get stressed at this point and to make it all worse, I’ve just printed my 67 page dissertation out and the printer has managed to mess it up so it has to go in the bin. 

Friday – Still no reply to my emails. I have fixed and printed my dissertation again BUT
the printer has officially broken and all of the ink was smudged. Please kill me. Finally get a reply to my emails. Thank goodness. But its just a reminded that the deadline is Monday and this email has gone to 6 other people. Seriously?! I return home and cry into my cat whilst stuffing my face with cake. 

SaturdayToday is a new day. Today is going to go well. Checks email – no reply still. It’s okay, I can do this. FINALLY gets it printed and it looks awesome, gets it bound. Looks great. But it still hasn’t been checked over. Stuff it, Submits.


So there you have it, my printing couldn’t have gone worse and my professor assigned to hep me and check my work over hasn’t at all. I feel confident with my work but for all I know it could be a steaming pile of doggie do-do. Oh well, nothing I can do now. I just hope I get a decent grade regardless.


The stress is over now and it’s time to relax and finish my little pieces of work off before being free to enjoy my summer, lets hope these things go a lot easier than my dissertation! Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “Thank goodness that’s over!

  1. Wow, I had heard about profs all across academia who do not reply to emails but potentially screwing up a dissertation submission is pushing it. Doesn’t she WANT you to graduate? Does she want to keep paying you?? Or are you paid for by the department so you’re basically a free-worker? I am so sorry that you had to go through this experience. I am very lucky to have a major-professor who is very proactive about his students’ graduations – we get a 4-year deadline for Ph.D. upon entrance (with min. 2 papers) that can be pushed max to 4.5, at 5 he’s literally kicking us out the door – and fast with emails, thank goodness! One way or another, I am sure your dissertation rocks and all the hard work you have put into it will not go unnoticed!! 🙂 Good luck!!!

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    • I know it sucks, I have been emailing her each chapter off my work for feedback since December and I have not had one bit of feedback/grammatical correction back at all and I know for a fact there will be. Yea she works for the department so my tuition fees pay for her help basically. It is a shame because she is a good professor but for my dissertation she has provided almost no support what so ever, the only thing I needed. I hope it okay too and thank you for your comment. I can only hope that when I change unis to do my masters my professor is more supportive! Thanks again 😁 !!

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  2. It might be worthwhile to talk to fellow graduate students in the group of your potential next advisor about their attitudes before joining the group. These kinds of questions may be good ones to ask before you decide on him/her. Do you have other committee members who can help you with proofing your current dissertation? If not, if you submitted it to the department and it works anything like mine, they will sure as hell send you tons of it before approving it, LOL! But I doubt that they would *not* approve it unless they’re complete morons about such things. 🙂

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    • Well it has been submitted now but before hand I contacted the head of the department and told them off my situation and he assured me that this would be taken into consideration and would contact me in the future with regards to my professor and complaint as it were. As for my uni masters starting this September I have not actually done that but I will definitely look into it, thank you. Aha yes well it’s all submitted now so it’s just waiting to hear back! Thanks again for your help and suggestions, definitely opened my eyes to other things I can do in the future! 😁

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