Article 47

Apologies for the late post but I suppose better late than never. Here is issue 47 of Quick Fix and my article to go with it.


This week I dedicated my article to highlighting (again) the fact that my final year of University is almost at an end. I talk about the education system and how we hate it when we are younger but don’t realise how much we almost depend on it when we realise ‘life’ is around the corner. 

I’ll keep this short so I don’t ruin any spoilers, go take a read by clicking here. Also I am taking a break from the magazine article for a short while, just until I officially finish University so Saturday posts will be postponed until further notice. 

However, do not worry as I have our guest speaker Linus, Annabel and a new guest speaker Kyle to keep you occupied too. Look out for Linus article tomorrow on Interrailing! 

Blog you later »


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