T – Minus 24 hours!

hat’s right, 4 days until my dissertation due date this coming Monday. Scary? No way! I’ll have it handed in Tomorrow.. Unless something goes horribly wrong! So what’s left to do?

Well the dissertation is written, check and almost ready to go, it just needs a few fancy touches before it can be submitted, so heres my to-do list:

  • Number the pages.
  • Build my context page.
  • Print out two copies of my dissertation booklet & get them bound.

As simple as 1, 2, 3.. however three costs my a few pennies! Silly me thought that you could get it bound at the University but nooo, that would be too simple. So instead I am heading to one of the larger stationary stores to get it done there, costing me around £5 per booklet.

So yea, that’s that. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for my hand in and final goodbye with my Dissertation, it’s going to be emotional.

Where does that leave me then? What is left before I am officially finished? in all honesty, not a great deal:

  • 2 x 2500 word English assignments.
  • My Equality and Diversity Project.

As for these, the essays are all drafted out ready to write up, I’d just been putting them off while I done my dissertation. As for the project, well its all ready to be built and played.. all I need is some willing, or unwilling candidates I can wrangle in to playing it! I’m sure my parents and partner wont mind, and well, if they do then that’s their problem not mine

Hope you enjoyed the blog and remember to keep your eyes peeled for my Instagram posts and our new guest writers!


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