Shout out to all readers!

I need your help!

As some of you know I am creating a game in my Equality and Diversity Module to help raise awareness for a’taboo’ topic (for those of you who didn’t know, you do now).

Stats are in! The subject with the highest votes and the topic I will be coving in my game is:

The Myths behind Mental Health.

Now, the game I am using as a foundation around my own design is Trivial Pursuit. This quiz game has 6 categories: geography, history, culture.. etc.
What does this have to do with anything?
Well I am wanting to pick 6 different types of mental health issues to raise awareness for basically!

Here’s where you guys come in.
What I would love for you guys to do is drop a comment below highlighting the mental health issue you feel should be included in the categories AND/OR  write a myth busting fact or comment down about a mental health issue which I can include in the questions for the game. I would love to hear all of your different views and include them in my educational game!

Please please please comment below and help me bust the myths behind mental health and educate people. 


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5 thoughts on “Shout out to all readers!

  1. I would say that anxiety should be included because it is so common yet many people know so little about it!

    Also not sure if this is relevant or not, but I hate it when people use mental health problems as adjectives! Like “I’m so depressed”, “I literally had a panic attack”, “The weather’s bipolar” etc…

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  2. I’ve been wanting to research the link between mental illness and gun violence. In the USA where I live, there is a lot of talk about “how do we help people with mental illness so that gun violence doesn’t happen?” To me, blaming gun violence on mental illness is irresponsible, because we use violence all the time in other ways that aren’t considered mentally ill. So anyway, thanks for inviting ideas, this is my thought!

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