Antics in Madrid

Well the holidays are over and its back to reality now but, I am going to give myself just one more day of escape. So what better way to do that then to talk about my time in Madrid!

Where to start, hmm. Well there was 8 of us meeting all together and we were all coming from different places. My partner and I travelled down to Manchester to catch the flight over, Emma flew over from Gatwick, Linus travelled from Caen (France) to Paris where he caught his flight, Alex from Aix (France), Jake from a town in the South of Spain called Lepé and Kyle from Malaga. All of us travelled to Madrid to meet Joe, who was living there already. 
So as you could imagine, day one left everyone pretty tired and warn out! But once we were all together in Sol (Madrid city centre) and a few introductions were made we had some tapas, done a bit of shopping and all of us, bar Joe and Alex headed back to the apartment we were staying for the week in Abrantes (Border of Madrid).

Now rather than boring you to death with words (plus I have far to much to say) I am going to give you a picture walk through of all of the places we went to and what we seen. 

We went around the Palace Gardens one day and seen some lovely animals..

We seen some wonderful Cathedrals too..

Two of the boys however went to the Santiago Bernabeu Football Stadium instead..

One evening those of us in the apartment went out to the biggest nightclub in Madrid – El Capital! It was amazing, 8 floors, a huge three tear dance floor and a live Violinist on the stage..

We seen some other amazing buildings, including the Puerta de Alcalá and Plaza Cibeles..

We done some shopping in Sol (Madrid City Centre)..

Had some fun..


We also went to The Buen Retiro Park where you could hire a boat and row around the waters..

However, we bought some beers, had a picnic and sunbathed instead…


Oh yea, we also stood in Puerta del Sol, the Centre of Spain! So that’s another one I can check off my list! 

There you have it, some of the amazing places we visited and thing we seen while in Madrid, places not included in the pictures were also Plaza Mayor and Gran Vía. I had the most phenomenal time with the gang and feel revived after spending the week with them. I cannot wait to see them all again and go on our next trip.

London has been done, technically Salou & Barcelona too and now Madrid, where next? 

Blog you later »


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