I’m Back – Magazine Catch Up!

Im back, refreshed and ready to fill you all in on what Madrid was like – but first, I owe you two magazine articles! We have last weeks Quick Fix and this months Butterfly Pride to catch up on, so here you go.

Quick Fix – Issue 45quick-fix-2

For my weekly article I was talking about jetting off to Madrid, hence the title Off I Go. Here I talk about the reason for me going, who I am going to see and how excited I am. It’s short and cheesy so I apologise in advance! 
Our other writers have written about Blinding Humanity, the working relationship and finally Walmart must die. Come take a read by clicking here.

Butterfly Pride – April

In this monthly edition I decided to write about The Physical pulsesigns of Invisible Illnesses. Now, to clear this up right now –  I am not a know it all or a professional therefore I am not saying what is fact or not. Everything I wrote was based on my own opinions and experiences. I focus on three main illnesses; Depression, Anxiety and BDD (Body Dimorphic Disorder). 
Other topics covered by the writers are The problems with expectations, Review of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Easter and finally, Just a girl and her cat. If you are interested in reading it, please click here.

Well that’s you all caught up. Keep your eyes open for Saturdays magazine issue release! Hope you enjoyed the post and the magazines.


Blog you later »


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