The project is underway..

A big Thank you to everyone who filled in my Equality & Diversity survey I posted a short while ago. Now that I have a sufficient amount of responses back I am able to begin planning my project.


So as I mentioned in a previous blog, I am doing an Equality & Diversity module that required me to create a game to help educate potential employees on ‘taboo‘ subjects. In my case, I was given a list of subjects to chose from but was only aloud to pick one. I created the survey to get an idea on the sort of things the general public thought needed to be educated on in the workplace and the results are in. All of the subjects had votes, however there were two which stood out more to the majority and battled for the top place. I can reveal now that the two top subjects are…

Transgender transition & acceptance and Mental health & the myths

Now that I have the results I will be choosing one of these to base my educational game around and to be the focus of my project. So once I have done that, this is what I will need to do:

  • Write a short introductory report on how I made the decision on my topic choice and introduce the game.
  • Research and create the game and put it to use.
  • Film a group of people playing the game and then film them upon completion asking them how they find it.
  • Get them to fill in a small survey again summarising how they find it.
  • Collect all of these results and again write a short Concluding report based on my findings of the game and how it could be improved and applied to the workplace. 


I’m super excited to get started on this project but know that it is going to take a lot of trial and error until I get it perfect. If you have any suggested games that I could manipulate or use as a starting point then please, comment below. Im thinking Trivial Pursuit at the minute. The more help/examples the better!


Blog you later »


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