Living with Anaemia.

While in the hospital for my routine check up of my Arthritis and other musculoskeletal illnesses, I was chased by the doctor upon leaving and told to go to Hematology and get my bloods done quickly as my blood results had came back and something wasn’t quite right
So off I went, got my bloods done and a week later got a phone call of the Hematology department stating that my results had been sent to them and to go in for an appointment.
In my appointment I got told that I had very low Iron and was diagnosed as Anaemic. This wasn’t really a big deal to me, like it wasn’t life threatening because, well I had more to worry about from my arthritis. I was then informed I also had Neutropenia & Leuconpenia.

What the hell are these? 
Neutropenia is the term used when the bone marrow fails to make enough of a specific group of granulocytes called neutrophils. 

Leuconpenia  is a diminished white blood cell count. When this happens, the immunity is severely weakened and the individual is at a greater risk of infections.

(Basically both lower the number of white blood cells in my body and one of them also lowers ‘the quality’ of the white blood cells, making them pretty rubbish.)

Well after that was explained I was again not to worried because it was (in my head) just an extension of being Anaemic, however I was wrong. According to both the Hematology and Musculoskeletal departments, they think that it could all be linked. The Anaemia and two other blood disorders lower my iron, which lowers the number of read blood cells in my body and the others are a reduction in the white blood cells, which affects my immune system. Now since my Rheumatoid arthritis is a diseases that mean my immune system attacks the cells that are around my joints instead of fighting the infection this would make sense. 
Basically: Lack of white blood cells + Disease that makes the only white blood cells I have fight the good stuff rather than the infection = a bit of a nightmare for me

So not only have I been blessed with an illness that is ruining my joints but also a disease that makes my immune system help them out a little more! 

Basically just prescribed Iron supplements as well as having my blood monitored every three months to see if it is progressing into something worse. However for the last two years nothing really has changed, just a slight fluctuation in blood count. 

So there you have it, a little something else on my list of wonders! Hope you enjoyed the read, see you next Tuesday for more.

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