Time to power write.

I’m up to date, I’m well ahead but I want my holiday! It’s time to sit down, hook myself to a caffeine machine and power through some work.

I’ve been working, working, working but if I want to enjoy myself this Friday when I go to Madrid for 6 days I need to get some serious hours put in. I’m almost there though, I can see the end.

What I’ve got left to do.
Complete my Dissertation
Complete Equality & Diversity project

Now, that looks like only two things to do but it’s 12903481_550649615116101_1167350224_odefinitely not! My dissertation is basically finished, however due to me writing a report for the HR department to be published it is a constant back and forth liaising with the department in order to ensure that it is 100000% correct. Therefore holding up my dissertation submission for the report is also included in there. Currently I am waiting to have the all clear back so I can then amend any little errors on my dissertation and submit it, but of course its the holidays at the moment so hearing back from people is a little, well a little slow. 

As for my project, it falls into three parts, one of which I have completed. The first part is an introduction to what you’re doing and why, which I have done. The second part is creating a game to help promote invisible illnesses in the workplace and then having the game carried out. This is what I am struggling with at the moment, I have all of these ideas for a game but it’s much harder than it looks making it a reality but I am getting there. The final part is similar to part one but it is just a reflection on how the game went down. 


Just a handful of the books I need to finish my dissertation.. 


I plan on getting as much done before I jet off to Madrid on Friday to catch up with my friends and I am sure I will.. it just of course seems to be that I have left the biggest amounts of work until last. Well it’s not big but it has the most background research going into it.. so wish me luck. 


Percentage completed.
Dissertation: 90%

Project: 30%

Word count left.

Dissertation: 1000 (give or take)
Project: 2000 PLUS hand making the game and conducting it.

Blog you later »


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