Arthritis Continued..


In my first ‘Living With‘ episode I informed you all that I suffer from Arthritis and that I was diagnosed first with  Psoriatic Arthritis which commonly happens in people who suffer and have an episode with skin conditions like psoriasis (which I did/do). From there, I returned several times to the hospital for checkups to be further informed that I am suffering from Fibromyalgia and a developing form of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Fibromyalgia is a type of chronic pain arthritis that causes stiffness, pain and tenderness throughout the body with additional but common side affects of (in my case) severe migraines, sleep and concentration issues. Finally, my developing Rheumatoid Arthritis is a ‘chronic progressive disease causing inflammation in the joints and resulting in painful deformity and immobility‘  affecting in my case my knees, wrist and hips. 
Again, like I mentioned in my first episode it is a struggle in daily life but some days are better than others but in the long term my only options are stronger pain killing treatments and immobility services. Unless technology changes that is and can somehow give me a joint replacements without setting off my Keloid

How is the pain at the moment?

In the winter months and the cold weather the pain and inflammation is always at it’s worst however, we are at the weird period in the year where it is starting to get warm but it’s not quite there yet. Some days are sunny and cool which is a bonus, however this is Britain and the next day could be a  rainy, windy , standard British day.
Looking to the scale provided and relating to my previous post i mentioned that on a good/normal day my pain is at a 5/10. So i am going to change the scale to fit to myself and give you all a better idea.

1 = Little pain and stiffness. no inflammation. 
2 = Mild pain and stiffness, small amount of inflammation (nothing a tablet wouldn’t fix)
3 =Moderate pain, stiffness and inflammation. Constant rest periods needed. 
4 = Severe pain, stiffness and inflammation. Difficulty walking very far, cannot manage stairs or lifting objects. 
5 =Worst pain, stiffness and inflammation. Bed ridden.

These past few weeks I have been around a 2 or 3, depending if I have been working or taking part in activities throughout the day. This is excellent for during the colder periods I am usually on a 4 and 5 if it is especially bad. As strange as it sounds I am sort of oblivious to the pain as, well I live with it I suppose so you just learn to deal with it but going from extreme pain to mild/moderate is a big deal for I can feel the difference within myself. Of course I still keep on top of the pain but it’s just a nice release to not have to worry as much. 

What medication & treatments am I on?

I will give you a list of ALL of my medication for the entirety of my illnesses and not just those needed for my arthritis. Though doctors think that all of my illnesses are linked and are monitoring their progress. Here is a daily walk through of medication:

Morning 7-8am
2x 50 mg Tramadol
1x 500mg Co-Codamol
1x 325mg Ferrous Sulphate (Iron Supplement for my Anaemia and other blood conditions)

Around 11am
1 to 2x 400mg Ibuprofen
1x 50mg Tramadol

Afternoon 2pm-3pm
2x 50 mg Tramadol

1x 500mg Co-Codamol

Around 6pm
1x 50mg Tramadol

1 to 2x 400mg Ibuprofen 

Evening 9-10 pm
2x 50 mg Tramadol
1x 500mg Co-Codamol

Before Bed 11pm-midnight.
1 to 2x 400mg Ibuprofen
1x 10mg Amitriptyline (antidepressant at high dosage but at a low dosage like this it’s used to help suppress nerve damage pain and help you sleep.)

So all in all that means I take 16-19 tablets a day. Looking at it written down like that is funny, I never really think about how many I take because I have gotten myself into a routine. Also when the pain is not too bad I do not take the tablets that are in between my main times (so around 11am and 6pm). As much as these tablets are working well for me obviously I have regular meetings at the doctors/hospital regarding my medication for after a while you have to swap them around in order to ensure you are getting the most out of them. I am always apprehensive about taking new medication for there are endless possibilities for issues. Like would they knock me out like the Tramadol did when I first started on them? Would they make me drowsy? Would they be over powering? What other side affects would I get? But then i suppose, that is the same with all medication. 

I also attend physiotherapy session but have reduced the number I attend for I do a lot of it at home on my own now. We meet ever month or so to see where I am at but my development is like a yo-yo. Sometimes its great and I am getting somewhere, then the bad weather kicks in and all of my hard work is for nothing. But I carry on because in the warmer months it really does help me in daily life and allows me to enjoy what time I have of it I suppose. 

Well I think I have bored you enough so I will leave it there. Until next time.

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