Just to say thank you.

Well I have been blogging now for around 9 months and I thought I would just highlight 2 very special people/blogs that have both inspired and supported me throughout my blogging period, just to show how grateful I am. 


Tony Burgess from The Tony Burgess Blog
Blog about a great many things, from his faith, giving blood, his everyday life to just writing a blog to motivate people to start blogging again or to just promote happiness in general. His work is always a pleasant read and always makes my day, along with teaching me something new. 

Hannah McCall from Proof Reader Hannah 
This blog also provides a proof reading service for both students and everyone else where she will personally proof read your work and all in all just help you out with what you are doing. Her blog posts are always interesting, quirky and educational in a fun way and mainly blogs about the meaning of different words that sound similar, or really obscure words that we never come across but mean something we may say in every day life. 

Both of these bloggers have been there from the start and have supported me throughout my journey so far and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s a pleasure knowing that they read what I have to say. Please click on the links provided above and check them out

Blog you later »


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