Article 44

Another Saturday, another magazine article! Issue 44 is here some come and take a read of what all the writers have to say.

So myself and two writers this week have tackled our articles completely differently which is great. Wik has given us a short story called ‘A haunted house, really?‘, Shari has gave the readers a list of her likes and dislikes in her article ‘Adore and Abhor‘ and as for myself i have talked about the end of my degree getting ever nearer and all of the deadline and things i have to do before i finish, take a read of ‘The stress is on‘ to find out more. 

Also, after the articles Cas has included a history timeline of Live Love Laugh Ranting from when it was founded until now. Finally please go and read Cas’ intro to the magazine as she is has got her internet back so can finally introduce and continue with all of the wonderful things she done on the website again! 

To read the magazine either click here or click the image above. hope you enjoy the read and the website!

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