It’s all paid off!

Looks like all of my hard work has paid off and I can happily confirm that I have an Unconditional offer for my masters degree at Newcastle University!

After months of debating where to go and the exact route I wanted to take I finally got down to two choices; Durham or Newcastle. Both of these Universities excel within the Business sector of studies and have absolutely fantastic facilities, the courses for both of them was very similar as well which added to my hard choice of picking which one to go to. On deciding which to choose I mad a pros and cons list for them both as well as organising a meeting with both of them to help finalise my discussion. 

Pros of Newcastle
– Closer to where I will be living

Fantastic facilities
CIDP accredited 
– Triple accredited
– Great coverage on Course breakdown
– Emailing me with information and support
– Simple application process

Cons of Newcastle
– Cheaper course (could this affect how good it is?)

Pros of Durham
Fantastic facilities

– Very informative at meeting
Provided me with several handouts with information
CIPD accredited
– Gave examples of subjects covered
– Provided me with several contact details for if I needed more information
– Free student bus to get me from the train station to campus

Cons of Durham
– More expensive course

– Further to travel / travel expenses
– Application process is more complex
– Less/little course coverage

So as you can see, both had a lot to offer and were excellent, however Newcastle

took the biscuit for me and during my casual meeting and tour of the University I got an Unconditional offer! So that sort of set things in stone for me! So thrilled to be studying their this September and to be focusing my studies on my favourite subject area – Human Resources Management. Totally over the moon.

I hope you enjoyed reading my happy news and enjoy the blog in general.

Blog you later »


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