The miss list

Firstly I would like to apologise that this post is a day late – internet connection has not been the best recently. 

Well it’s not long now until I submit my final piece of work and my three years of University are up. The time has flown by and I am truly grateful for all of the different experiences I’ve had over these years. To think that these three years have played such a huge role in my life in just a short amount of time is mind blowing! So, here I am going to list the things I am going to miss about University, once I graduate.

  • The Library – It starts as a place of resource, study and relief when you are submitting your work. But after a

    while it becomes a social spot to meet friends and work together, to then developed into a second home which you end up in more than your own student house. You love it, you hate it but as much as you complain about it, you enjoy your time there for some reason


  • Student Discounts – I really don’t think this needs explaining what so ever. Though I do regret getting a free cheeseburger with a lot of my McDonald meals! (As well as regretting not getting them with all of my meals!)


  • Spontaneous plans – You have your class timetables to help organise your life around but you always have so much spare time to sit, procrastinate and watch just about every TV series on Netflix. The best past about the vast amounts of spare time and the fact all your student friends are the same is that random outings happen. Last minute nights out, beach trips, spontaneous travelling, basically anything you could imagine.


  • PJ’s being acceptable attire 

    Basically living in your PJ’s at University is one thing I am going to miss the most. Rocking up to lectures in them, living in then while living
    in the library, doing a food shop still wearing them, the famous turning up to pre drinks/friends houses in them because you are too lazy to get changed. The best part of it all is that no one judges you because half of the students are doing the exact same, with the other half wishing they did


  • Friends and social life – Definitely the thing I am going to miss the most, my friends. The small amount of very close friends you know you’re going to have forever, the friends that you know will keep in touch now and again and finally the random people you’ll bump into and have a catch up with. You don’t really appreciate the fact that when you are at University you get to see your friends everyday but afterwards, its a case of travel and planning. Thankfully mine are all rather close and for that I feel blessed. 


Now of course there are things I am not going to miss; the work load, the deadlines and last minute library days, the money etc. but again, like I’ve said several times already, I would not change it for the world

I wonder what other students feel they would miss the most? Drop a comment down below and let me know. 

Blog you later »


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