Today I have a few things to update and introduce you guys to so please take a moment to have a quick read! 

First of all, I have recently joined Bloglovin’ so if you’d care to follow me on there please click here. The site is an amazing way to find an area that interests you, like Fashion and be linked to hundreds of different bloggers who cover this topic! Everything you want in one place. So please, head on over there and check it out!

Moving on, after countless back and forth “should I or shouldn’t I” convocations with myself I have finally been persuaded by several friends and family members to start blogging about my personal battle with illness. So, starting today every Tuesday I will be blogging in my Living with.. category about different invisible illnesses I suffer from and generally just talking about how they can affect me, as well as different ways in which I cope.  liebster2

Finally, I will be nominating several bloggers for the Liebster award next the next few weeks and going into further detail on just what this award is all about.

So I hope you all enjoy the new blog series and look forward to seeing my nominations for the award! 

Blog you later »


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