Article 41

Apologies for the late post, I’ve had no internet all weekend. But it’s back and I am back with Saturday’s Quick Fix Magazine articles.

In this weeks magazine, agin all of the writers cover have covered a different topic. We have another beautiful poem called ‘I don’t break, I crumble‘, articles talking about the challenges of adult life, what make-up means to some people in relation to feeling comfortable within themselves and my article on expression

In my article I attempt an analogy of how depression and anxiety feel to me, the constant battle many of us face put into words as best I can. The reasoning behind this was due to a convocation I had with one of my siblings who is old enough to know of these things but also doesn’t quite understand them yet. It lead me to thinking that we all suffer from these things differently and therefore all have a different experience with them, resulting in us all describing our experiences differently. Anyway this article is my attempt at describing how I feel.

To view the magazine, click the image above. I hope you enjoy the fantastic (belated) magazine post and come back next Saturday for next weeks issue. 

Blog you later »


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