Article 39

Hello and sorry again for being late, but you’re in for a treat!

Okay so first of all I want to explain for being late with both of my posts this week. I’ve not been feeling myself lately and have been up to my ears with work to do, this has knocked me back a bit. Also my partner and I had our anniversary this weekend so I thought we both needed a well deserved break and therefore we went away for the weekend. So I am very sorry for being late. 

On the plus side LLLRanting, the wonderful organisation that produces these magazines has had a makeover so go and take a look! Not only this but this magazine has got a new front cover which I had attached at the bottom of this post! So I hope you enjoy the the new look. 

Now you are in for a treat with the articles this week. One writer has written a poem which has been included in the magazine so click the image below to have a read. We also have an article on Grammar, as well as another writer talking about her latest photography project! As for me, I decided to talk about support and how we all need it. I’ve talked about this in relation to friendship groups and how each person is facing their own problems which can make it difficult to support each other… but to find out what else I mentioned you will have to go and read it!

I hope you enjoy the magazine with all of the amazing articles! Apologies again for being late, promise I wont next time.

Blog you later »



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