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QUICK MESSAGE – Sorry for the late post, internet has been playing up but i hope you enjoy it!

Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, WordPress, Google Plus. The list goes on. Social Media is such an important aspect of peoples lives nowadays and many people are connected to more than one. I know myself that, out of the list above I am connected to four different forms of Social Media and all of them portray different aspects of my life. For example, in my case I use Facebook and Instagram as a more regular/social side of my life; what I’ve been up to, where I have been and who with etc. Linkedin however is to highlight my professional/experienced side and WordPress I use as a branch off that; highlighting my understanding of Business  through my academic studies as well as showing my side projects/voluntary work.

Well it’s not just our lives we put online, almost everything nowadays is online and in this case –  recruitment. Vary rarely now do we have to wonder around handing in paper CV’s, look at local bulletin boards or in newspapers for job advertisements. No no, now we can pull out our mobile devices or get onto a computer and search online for job availabilities. The application process is all online too, either fill in the questions provided or attach a electronic copy of your CV, simple.

The thing with online recruitment is that it works both ways;  they can do some digging on us online to get an idea of the kind of person we are but we can also do the same about the business who is recruiting. See what sort of reputation they have, find out any secrets they may have and just get a general understanding of the business. This obviously has is pros and cons but all in all I think that the online era of recruitment is better, allowing a more open and expressive form of presenting yourself. However I would make some recommendations about what you put (or don’t put should i say) on your social media accounts, especially if they are public:

  • No discriminating/sexist/religious comments – just a big no go.
  • If you are stating your opinion online, make sure you word it carefully and in a ‘gentle’ manner – wouldn’t want it to be taken out of context.  
  • Nothing too embarrassing to reflect badly on yourself – first impressions count and all that. 
  • Just have a general respect and understanding on social media – nowadays everyone can see everything so try and make yourself, well look good. 

So yes, recruitment is now diving quite deep into social media so watch out because people will be looking you up. Make sure they like what they see! Hope you enjoyed the blog post, to few my inspiration for this post click here


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