Article 38 (+bonus)

This Saturdays article is issue 38 in the Quick Fix series. The magazine consists of four articles covering a variety of different topics, from religion, bettering ones self to study trips and education.

So the subject area I decided to cover this week was self improvement. I based this article around myself, talking about what my life and state of mind was like before I decided to change my life around and become the best possible version of myself. Of course, I am still on the road to improvement because at the end of the day, there is always something you can improve on within yourself. To read the article, click the picture at the bottom of the article.

Now for the bonus part – I wrote a second article. Due to a few writers being unable to present an article this week due to other commitments, I submitted a second article in order to help fill the magazine up. This article is about religion and different believes, that fact we are all entitled to believe what we want and have no right to warp other peoples views. 

Hope you enjoy this weeks magazine and look forward to next Saturday! Enjoy your weekend and Valentines Day.

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