My busy business week.

With my dissertation workload going swimmingly and the first third being completed already it was time to take the next steps. Since Monday my week has be crammed full of meetings, interviews and information exchanges so I thought I’d fill you all in. 

Okay, so if you have read my previous dissertation posts you will know that my dissertation is based around me writing a report for my Universities Human Resources Department based on the introduction of their new recruitment system. So far, my dissertation consists of all of the basic introductory information on recruitment methods and developments over the years, social medias influences, recruitment strategies and of course, the organisation I’m referring to (My University). Just a general introduction to everything that I am going to be covering in the report. Now that this part is complete it was time to get on with the report and all the research needed. From Monday my week became manic, so without further ado here is a run down of my week.

MONDAY – Preparation Day. Just getting all of the information I needed together; my survey drafts for my dissertation and report, all my questions needed for the interview and all information needed to show for the following day.

TUESDAY – Meeting day. I arranged a meeting with Justine, the woman I have been liaising with within the HR department. On this day we just discussed the general direction of my dissertation so far to then move onto how she wanted the report to be formatted/the general content of the report. After this we further discussed collecting information in surveys about recruitment and selection processes. I showed her my drafts and we agreed on creating two surveys; one for the staff and professors within the University and another for the general public.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY- Editing and Emailing days. This was two days of constant back and forwards emailing between me and Justine, editing the surveys to make them perfect to her and the departments standards, as well as an exchange on relevant statistics needed for the report. Further emailing and appointment booking with my Dissertation professor in order to fill her in on where I am at, the next steps of my dissertation and a general conversation on advice and guidance.

FRIDAY – Report beginning day. This was a day filled with reading through all of the information received in order to filter through, condense and organise. Other tasks included Report draft planning, further research and publishing the surveys. 

As for the weekend I thought I’d give myself a break!

So my week was fantastically busy and informative, allowing me to advance with my dissertation and be one step closer to completion! If you are interested in filling out the survey you can do so by clicking the image below. WARNING – It is based around the idea that the candidates taking the survey have a job so if you do not, feel free to answer based on previous employment experience or personal knowledge. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments, leave a comment below or message me personally.

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