HR, Media, Equality and.. Dracula?!

In this post I am going to be briefly talking about several different business aspect that have recently got my attention or I have been working on in University. This gives me the foundations to, in the future, blog about them in more depths. So without further ado, here they are.

Equality and Diversity – continued. 

In my previous Equality and Diversity post I introduced my new module and the awareness campaign I have to do in order to pass. If you haven’t sm_logo_fbread it already and would like to, please click here. At the end of that blog post I inserted a poll in order to get an idea of what you thought was the most important issue to be educated on within business/organisations. Well, from that poll I have now created a survey to get a more in depth response form you as well as allowing you to put your opinions through more clearly. If you are interested in filling out this short survey, please click here.

Social Media & HR – Inspiration.

When scrolling through WordPress last week I came across a new blogger’s page who was talking about the links between HR and Social Media. From both studying HR and being a member of a variety of different social media networks I found this link very interesting. The Individual states how she is looking into this aspect as part of her final year degree project and that she will be posting various blogs over the course of her studies. Although I was aware that there was a link between the both, it was really interesting reading her blog and seeing the way she put it across, inspiring me to mention it now and, in the future, do my own blog post adaptation. If you are interested in reading the blog that inspired me, please click here.


Consumerism, The Media and Dracula?!

I know what your thinking. What the hell has Dracula got to do with the Media and consumer trends? But if you bare with me, I am going to explain how I came to fit these together, as explained to me in one of my Modern Gothic lectures. Like I mentioned above, I loved the way this was put across to me but, I also love that it is quite a new idea. So I thought I’d have a go at explaining it as best I could, but in a more Business-like manner. So stay tuned to be seeing this questionable link in the near future. 

So there you have it, a small introduction to what I am going to be blogging about on my Business Wednesdays in the future. If you have any questions or comments please drop me a private message or leave a comment on the blog post. The first one I will be developing further is Dracula’s Media and Consumption.

Blog you later »


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