Equality & Diversity 2016.

In my final year of my degree I have chosen all of my Business modules to focus more around the Human Resources sector, as this is the area I aspire to work in once graduating. Not including my dissertation, which focuses on recruitment and employment, my other chosen module along side Employment Relations is Equality and Diversity. Today I have several reason why I decided to write about this; firstly, due to me studying this topic within the up coming weeks I was told to do some background research which inspired me to write this blog post and fill you in on what I have found. Secondly, it is something that is still very present nowaday, in both a business sense as well as a general sense. Finally, it is something I am very passionate about and constantly strive to educate others on. 


Picture reference.

To give you more of an understanding, we live in a increasingly diverse world, societies filled with a mix of different people and therefore it is important to understand this in order to respond in an appropriate and sensitive manner. These diversities can be around age, race or ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation, religion, disability and even your class. I believe that it is essential for people to be educated on the diverse population in order to better understand and not misinterpret anyone or group of people, therefore causing offence. 

So, as mentioned in a previous post my class has been pushed back another week and I no longer start my business module until the 5th February. Due to missing a week my professor has given us all the task of ‘Researching into the equality and diversity challenges facing the world of work 2016‘, with reference to CIPD, ACAS, TUC, Stonewall and Equality and Human Rights Commission. After doing this research and looking at all the given organisations and websites here are the top 3 issues trending across these given references, as well as a image to represent other issues: 

  • transgender/LGBT/Sexual orientation.
  • Disability/invisible impairments.
  • Gender injustice for women. 

Over the course of this module we are going to be looking into why this is as well as what can be done to overcome these challenges. So to follow on from that, over the next few Wednesdays, along side talking about my dissertation I will also be blogging about Equality and Diversity and the developments made throughout my study.  

Also, if you could please take a minute to do this poll I would be truly grateful. 

This blog post is just the beginning to give you an introduction of what is to come, so keep your eyes peeled for each Wednesday post. Any comments or questions, leave at the bottom. Thanks for reading.

Blog you later »


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