Happy New Year – Schedule!

Happy 2016 everyone!


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Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for the year ahead. This is just a quick post to say that I know I am quite ‘willy-nilly’ with my writing so from now on I am going to follow a schedule. With the academic year picking up a bit and the end of my degree getting ever closer I feel that order is what I need right now to keep me focused and motivated.  So from this day forwards my site shall be getting two posts a week:

Wednesdays: This will be dedication to my University work, mainly based around my Business dissertation I would imagine.

Saturdays: This day will be dedicated to the LLL Ranting magazine articles I write, giving you the link to the magazine and site so you can take a read at my own work and some other fantastic writers. 

Other than these two days an occasional random blog here and there will be appearing, most probably based on any charity work or events I have taken part in or other important bits of information I feel I just share with you all! 

Hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs, if you have any recommendations or anything to say please leave me a comment.

Blog you later »


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