c.HR.istmas #5 Conclude.


It’s done. The Christmas event if over and we can all relax now until the next time! It’s been busy and slightly manic but worth all of the hard work and effort in the end. The bonuses are done, dinner served and everyone can finally relax knowing that, once again they have pulled it off

All offices (families), big or small need to have a HR department, or at least HR functions within it in order to have a higher success rate. The six different roles mentioned in the introduction blog are crucial for any business and when all of these are present and running well, then the business runs smoothly

This in relation to family life is the same, hence the inspiration for the series. In order to have success in your family you need communication between each person and the ability to identify a problem if you have one so that it can be seen to correctly. Yes it does not go smoothly all the time, but nothing is perfect 100% of the time just like in Business. 

HR is a very important role in business and when done correctly, like mentioned above makes everything else run a little smoother too. The roles I mentioned are the frame work for what makes HR and these 6 sections can be broken down further, making them more precise and specific. However these roles, no matter how they are named or put across remain necessary in almost any aspect of business, or as I tried to put it in this series, life. 

its yab logo xmas

I hope you like the series and apologies for the gaps between the posts. If you have anything to say please leave me a comment and like the post if you enjoyed it.

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