c.HR.istmas #4 The dinner.


Welcome to our second to last episode in The HR in Christmas series. Here I am going to tell you about the HR in Christmas dinner and all of the things it entails. 

Jumping straight into it today Christmas dinner can cause a number of feuds within the department meaning the the Employment Relations officer is swamped with work.   Where everyone is trying to get hands on and help with the staff meal, those who are in charge of organising it are getting rather stressed out with everyone interfering, leading them all to step back and leave them to it, from which they begin getting annoyed that no one is helping them. It’s a lot of stress and mixed messages meaning a lot of work for our E.R officer

However, it’s not only that individual who is swamped with work but the Manager and her Manager (My mom and Grandma). Both of these ladies have numerous targets to make all at the same time in order for the product in hand to be delivered on time and in excellent condition. They have had years of experience in this field however this one day of the year is always the busiest due to the number of staff present and of course the special time of year. 

As for the rest of the staff, it’s their jobs to get everyone together at the same time and be ready on standby for the both Managers when it comes to product delivery. It is the staff members job to also take the product to its final destination, as well as making sure that the environment it is being delivered to is readily prepared. 

If all of this is done successfully – the product is a huge hit, there is less stress for the staff members and all of their hard work pays off. As well as the E.R. officer not having to calm everyone down and defuse situations.

If it does not go successfully – The product may still be good however each member of staff will be stressed and complaining, meaning more work for the E.R. officer, there will be a mood over the office for the rest of the day, stress levels will be high and the staff will feel that all of this work has not paid off.

Therefore this part of the day is key in the success and survival of the foreseen future. And just to let you know, ours went swimmingly! THANK GOD!

Hope you enjoyed the read, stay tune for my finally episode of the series!

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