c.HR.istmas #3 The in-between.

Welcome to episode 3 in The HR in Christmas series. Sorry for the posts being so late, the holiday season has been making work nice and busy leaving me no time to blog. However, due to unfortunately being ill I am sitting around with nothing to do but blog! 


Okay so to pick up where we left off, The staff in my HR department have had their Christmas bonuses and are now getting prepared for the other department (my Grandparents) to come over with additional bonuses from the rest of the company. It’s time now to get everything perfect again from their arrival. 

Everyone is rushing around trying to make sure the department is tidy, all the staff are cleaning their offices and the communal area where we received our bonuses is turned around again all set up ready for them getting their bonuses and the rest of us receiving our extra bonuses. All the staff clean themselves up and put on their best outfits to impress the guests to come, because these are not just any old department. This is the department that made yours, the department your manager came from and therefore they are the big boss. Got to make your department look good and show that your manager is doing a great job controlling the whole office, rather than just being a staff member when she was in the old department. 

So the office is tidy, the staff room is ready for the bonus exchanges and all the staff in this HR department are dressed to impress and on their best behaviour, its time to invite our guests in… 

Continue to follow this series to ready episode 4 – The other department. Thanks for reading, comment and like the post if you enjoyed it! 

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