c.HR.istmas #2 Christmas Morning.

Welcome to episode 2 in The HR in Christmas series, today I am going to tell you the of the HR in my families Christmas morning traditions. If you are just reading this episode now and want to catch up on what you’ve missed, view my previous two blog posts

So yesterday I talked about how busy the office (our home) was in relation to all last minute prep before the big day, and now its here. Christmas morning. At this time of day, the roles and number of people are the same as Christmas Eve. 


Like any family, we have our rituals and routine on this morning before being let loose on our gifts. The Manager and Advisor come down stairs and start with their tasks; putting the fire on to ensure comfort throughout the whole experience, creating hot beverages to keep all the staff going and all last minute checks to ensure the most is being taken from the day. This is then followed by the Employment Relations Officer (myself) collecting the rest of the staff together in order to attend the coffee morning taking place in the kitchen and once the staff are properly hydrated, they queue up at the living room door in order to collect their yearly bonus. 

The Advisor at this point is in the room, ready to record their faces when they come in and see their bonuses spread around the room for them and, on his word we enter. 

BONUSES! Bonuses everywhere and the Advisor is going crazy with the camera trying to catch it all to show at the next staff meeting. After five minutes of spinning around the room he focuses the rest of the film on the new recruit and the generalist to catch these special moments. Now, though this is a day for everyone the staff are not stupid, they know that if they make a mess the Manager is going to have something to say, so, as the well trained little people they are, they make sure that while having fun opening their bonuses they clean as they go. Stacking all their bonuses together in neat piles and placing all the rubbish into a  bin bag located at  the centre of the room. 

Once this festivity are over its back to the kitchen to have a light snack before the other departments head over to join in and bring the rest of the festivities and bonuses. However much is to be done in between… which you will find out next episode! 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode; Christmas day – the in between. If you enjoyed this read please like or comment below letting me know what you think. 

its yab logo xmas

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