The HR in Christmas – Introduction.

Just like in any business, each person has a set of jobs and responsibilities and this is exactly the same for the Christmas period! (Or at least it is with my family) We all know that this time of year, though fantastic, is also  rather stressful and all rules seem to change. My blog over the next few days is going to put this into perspective with respects to my family and our traditions, talking about who plays which role and who is ‘qualified’ to do what. 

Firstly, I am going to give you a quick insight into the different role within the HR department and what they are responsible for, for these will be some of the roles I will be referring to later on within this series.  

Manager – (Not that I need to tell you but) this is the big boss! The person responsible for all of the staff within the sector and who over sees everything. 

Generalist –  This role is also known as an Advisor. Basically this person has experience within all of the roles given and therefore can flit between them without any problem, this helping out the manager almost like a first mate on a pirate ship.

Recruiters –  This role is based around filling in the empty slots. Sifting through the talent in order to find the perfect person for the job that is vacant, as well as finding replacement staff for the other roles in case someone is unable to complete their job. 

Development/trainers –  Here, the individual is in charge of getting the most out of people and helping them discover their own potential and skills. You will either deliver this training yourself or help whilst the manager acts as a mentor/coach. 

Employment Relations –  Their job is to give advice on complex matters within HR, with a main goal of helping the business grow and stay healthy. Though it is not all smooth sailing for this person also deals with complaint within the workplace and trying to make matters right. 

Performance and Rewarders –  This role is pretty self explanatory; you monitor peoples performance and tasks completed and reward them for their work, performance and behaviour. All of this motivating the staff to do more work to get more rewards. 

Keep a look out over the next few days for the series to begin, our first topic – Christmas Eve. Feel free to leave a comment below or like if you enjoyed the post!

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