c.HR.istmas #1 Christmas Eve.


Welcome to episode 1 of The HR in Christmas series, to catch up on what it’s all about click here to view my previous post.  In this episode I am going to talk about Christmas Eve in relation to my family, looking at everyones roles on the day and the overall rundown of the day itself. 

The roles everyone play changes over the days as well as the number of people so here is a run down of who is in the house on Christmas Eve. On this day there are usually 6 of us: My mom and step dad, my uncle, myself of course as well as my 18 year old and 9 year old sisters. 


  • The manager (Mother dearest in my case) is up early creating lists of everything which needs to be completed before the big day, assigning specific jobs to each staff member (the rest of my family) to complete. On her list she is in charge of all house and food prep, making sure everything is ready, set and go for the big day to come. This is crucial for the survival of the day to come as if these are not completed it leads to time wasting on the special day. 
  • The Generalist/advisor (my step-dad) is my mom’s right hand man and is in charge of both  making sure that the rest of us do out jobs as well as other important tasks such as making sure the camcorder is ready for the next day, their is enough fire wood and coal for the holiday period, and any last minute food shopping  (for example making sure we have enough bacon for our sandwiches for the following morning). like I say, all pretty important jobs. 
  •   My first sister and I both cover a selection of roles such as the recruitment and the training; making sure our youngest sister knows what she is doing and is doing it right, or me helping out my first sister in her tasks. Generalist; doing jobs such as walking and brushing the dogs, last minute wrapping and cleaning. For me, I also cover Employment relations, defusing small feuds in the household and keeping everyone at peace through this stressful period. 
  • My youngest sister is the new recruit. Being the youngest and this being her first time getting properly involved in all of the prep, she seems to get the more ‘boring’ jobs so to speak. These include tidying her room ready for tomorrows guests, polishing ornaments or cleaning the sofas and banisters. Basically just any little jobs we can think of to throw her way, but we’ve all been there so its only fair she experiences it too! 
  • And finally my uncle. Well since he seems to do nothing but wind everyone up while we are all flitting around trying to make everything perfect, he is also our Performance rewarder. He does nothing himself but he is a great man for giving out compliments and all around cheering us up after a stressful day. Gotta love him. 

On the evening however, here the roles change. Everyone is sent to bed bar myself, mother and step-dad. Together our mission, code name ‘Hurry down the chimney is to put out all of the presents in the specific places for each of our family members ready for the morning. its yab logo xmas

If you enjoyed this post please like and comment below letting me know what you think. Keep following, the next episode is Christmas day – part 1.

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