Throw back to #Giving Tuesday


So on Tuesday 1st December it was the global day of giving and is a call to action for all of those who want to give something back to the world. I have seen some incredible stories on what people have done on this fantastic day and feel truly blessed to live in a world where we can all come together on such an occasion.  Little things from giving up your seat on a bus or helping someone in need cross the road to donating some money to charity are all such small actions that can make a huge different 

What did I do to give back?

Well, on the day itself I gave my seat up on the metro for young women who, bless her kept getting knocked into by a child’s pram which break’s had broken and therefore was unable to stay stationary. The look of utter gratitude on her face was priceless and truly made the rest of my day. Moreover, one more action was taken, though it was not on the day itself. Today, in the aim of giving back I donated blood for the 8th time. 


Easy peasy – all done in 25 minutes!

It is such a quick and easy process and can make a huge different to a life and is something I am deeply passionate about. If it wasn’t for people who donated blood my Step-father would not be here today. I am truly grateful for the gift of being able to donate and give back what I can.

If you want to know more about #givingtuesday click here and read some other inspiring stories or leave one of your own. Thank you for reading and please like and comment if you have a similar story!

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