Semester 1, Complete ✓

Well I’ve made it, the first 12 weeks are over and only one small break down. Not long now before my degree is completed! 

These 12 weeks have absolutely flown by and I still cannot believe that semester 1 has ended, it feels like just yesterday I was turning up to my first class of third year. This period has been full of mixed emotions but all in all I’m happy with the way everything has tuned out. I’ve began writing my dissertation with 1,000 words submitted and edited so far and another 2,000 words are in the process or being written and submitted. Two assignments almost ready to be handed in for the deadlines at the end of the month and finally my part of the presentation is all up and ready to be presented when we return from the holidays. 

So its time to go home, relax and enjoy the holidays before returning for Semester 2 and go through it all over again.

Module choices for next semester are ‘Modern Gothic‘ for my English and ‘Exploring Equality and Diversity‘ for Business, again with my dissertation running in the background. However  the length of this semester is shorter being only an 8 week period, then we break up for the Easter holidays. Deadline wise the 18th April is the due date for my dissertation so hopefully that will be completed and sent off a while before hand (if I keep on top of it). Also if I haven’t completed all of my module assignments by the end of second semester I have three weeks of University after the holidays to come back and do so.

In a nut shell if I can keep on top of everything I will be finished my degree by the 18th April or the  6th May latest, I know which one I would prefer. From here the real mystery is Masters Degree or Full time job? Best just focus on completing this degree first!

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