Article 30

This week’s inspiration for my article was a piece of literature called ‘The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde‘. A story based on the battle between good and evil within ones self. Here is a brief summary which is also the opening part of my article. 

“Dr. Jekyll believed that in every man there was both good and evil forces dwelling and attempted to separate the two. Succeeding in this the evil entity became known as Mr Hyde. Dr Jekyll began to realise that he had a constant battle with his evil side and battled to regain control of his body rather than Mr. Hyde taking over with darkness.”

After this I go on to talk about the battle we all face on a daily bases within ourself to try and be the best kind of person we can, yet sometimes we struggle and find it hard to overcome the bad aspects we all contain. I talk about my own person story in relation to this, my recent struggles and opinions on the whole situation in general. 

Come and take a read by clicking here and tell me what you think in the comment section.

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