Article 29

Another week gone by so quickly and yet so much has happened, some things good, some things not so good. All in all, one point throughout the week inspired me for my weekly article for Quick Fix. I’m not 100% on it myself for I feel that it can be taken in two different ways but I went with how I was feeling at the time for that fuelled my article.

This weeks article is titled ‘All the small things‘ and relates to how we bottle up our emotions and then the little things can tip us over as well as the fact that some times its the little things that can get us down more that bigger issues. This for me relates mainly to my friends and friendship group and recent divides and issues which have been springing up. Like I mentioned earlier it was written in the head of the moment and therefore can come across a bit O.T.T but i’d love to head your opinions. 

For me I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression and find that this time of year I can become a bit more fragile (In want of a better word) emotions wise. Things that I would normally brush off I take more personally, little jokes directed at me are taken to heart and all around make me feel small and inferior. This has been one of those weeks and, as you will read in the article has affected me in relation to my friendship group. 

Take a read by clicking here and tell me what you think, whether i over reacted or if you have experienced something similar yourself, I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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